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Entry #3

I'm working again!

2017-03-07 23:11:32 by Bludphart

So after a long hiatus (fucking Tijuana prisons, am I right?) I'm finally working on a new cartoon.  It's more or less based on a true story, so that should add some depth to it.  Also it's relatable.  Also I'm drunk.  Also... damn, you're looking good tonight.  What is that heavenly scent you have on?  Is it spaghettiO's?  Mmmm... I love spaghettios.

Anyways, I just finished the script for Illuminaughty 2 (being made by the very talented PunkFruit) so look for that in the near-ish future.  Until then, I'm going to pretend I'm funny yet also realize I'm artistically retarded. FAREWELL, YOU BEAUTIFUL LITTLE FUCKERS!


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